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Here are Common Problems…

  • Struggling with your dog having to wear the outdated Elizabethan Collar, banging into furniture, doors and You!?
  • Is the E-Collar (Cone of Shame) causing them difficulty to eat, drink, play or sleep?

Here is the Solution!

OptiVizor Advanced UV Eye & Face Protection!

OptiVizor UV Eye and Face Protection for Dogs and Cats

  • Designed to provide a totally New and Innovative type of lightweight effective protection designed around Safety and Functionality. 
    • Post Eye or Facial Surgery 
    • Eye Diseases
    • Blindness
    • Photo-sensitivity
    • Search & Rescue Dogs
  • Superior Protection from dust, wind, or any bumping into the eyes.
  • Made of soft (Clear Tinted or Dark Tinted) PVC that provides an unobstructed field of vision.
  • The Clear UV tint delivers 92% UV Protection. The Dark UV tint delivers 90% UV protection and a 30% greater shade factor.
  • The OptiVizor expanded sizes include versions for Regular, Long & Short Snout dogs.
  • The Contoured Shape allows a snug fit on the head without the risk of bouncing or slipping down onto the shoulders regardless of the dog’s activity: 
    • Running
    • Playing
    • Eating
    • Sleeping

Click the Picture Version of OptiVizor Below to Learn More, Get Help with Sizing and Placing Your Order.

Not Sure Which Version to Get? Simply Click HERE to See Our Guide on Which Version Generally Matches Up to Which Breed of Dog. 


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