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Optivizor - Short Snout Version - Dark UV Tint

  • Designed for Dogs and Cats!
  • MEDICAL USES: Eye Injury, After Eye Surgery, Corneal Ulcers, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Blindness, Pannus, SARDs, etc.!
  • PROTECTIVE USES: Photo-sensitivity. Prevent Harmful UV Ray damage while: Walking; Hiking; Outdoor Water Activities; In the Snow; Wind, Debris & Bugs while Driving; Prevent Puncher or Trauma (i.e. Grass and Twigs)!
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: No more bumping into furniture, doorways & YOU!
  • Easily goes through the Doggy Door, Eat, Drink, Play & Sleep!
  • 90% DARK UV PROTECTION and 30% Greater Shade Factor than Clear UV Tint!
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Allows full field of vision while staying securely in place during all activities!
  • EARS ON THE OUTSIDE: Prevents distorted sounds/echoes while still being able to scratch their ears!
  • ERGONOMIC HEADREST: Cushioned Comfort, Stability, enables Proper Airflow and Ventilation!
  • VELCRO COLLAR: Integrated and Adjustable Collar and Chin Straps!
  • Looking for all the same great features in the Clear UV Tint Option.. Click HERE!
  • NEW STYLE: OptiVizor pictures are COMING SOON.
  • NEW STYLE: Vizor opening around the Snout is slightly different
  • NEW STYLE: The Headrest curvature is a different angle. 
  • NEW STYLE: We find that some breeds now fit better in the New Style.
  • To know if you should order the Original or New Style Short Snout OptiVizor for your pet, complete the SIZING FORM by clicking the RED BUTTON below and we will let you know. 
  • Answers to Common Questions Can be Found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page - Click HERE.
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