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About Us

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Our Mission

Founded as a result of our beloved mare Dawnica going blind from ERU - Equine Recurrent Uveitis (AKA Moon Blindness). Due to her loss of sight, we embarked on a search to find a product that would help her safely navigate around pasture to prevent eye injury while providing superior UV protection. The Recovery Vizor has been a complete God-send product for her over the past 7 years.

Our products are now used across the US and Canada by countless satisfied Consumers, Veterinarians and 18 University Veterinarian Hospitals, including UC Davis, Voted #1 in the world!! Customers find great benefit in what we offer not only for medical conditions but also for preventative eye health from harmful UV rays to wind, dust and debris.

As a family owned business, we are all passionate about sharing our knowledge and products with others to help their Best Furry Friends recover more quickly, comfortably and with less stress while improving their quality of life. 

Inspired Commitment, Passion and Trust, Dawnica our Blind Mare