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EquiVizor Multi-Purpose Helmet

The Heavy Weight Champ in Head, Eye and Face Protection!

  • Used after surgeries when coming out of Anesthesia providing full head and face protection!
  • Used during foaling to protect mom and baby from head and facial injury
  • Superior Eye, Face and Head protection to combat injury while transporting a horse in the Trailer and/or during Emergency Horse Rescue Operations.
  • Used with blind horses to help decrease the risk of painful head bumps, wounds and risk of facial fractures.
  • Used with horses that are suffering from neurological issues that result in self-inflicted head injuries.
  • Its patent-pending design is constructed from a sturdy 20 mm thick EVA foundation, buffered to 40 mm in areas which require maximum protection around the eyes, face, cheeks and poll region.
  • It is held in place by an integrated quick release halter.
  • Amazingly light weight at only 2.3lbs., though maintains a high degree of cushioning
  • Includes a fitted zippered UV proof fly mask jacket that can be easily removed.
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Note: The Multi-Purpose Helmet comes only in dark grey. Other colored pictures are shown to help illustrate its construction.

  • Multi-Purpose Helmets come in 4 sizes from Mini/Foal to Full. Ensuring your horse has the correct size is KEY to getting the most benefits out of the product.

    Follow the guidelines below to help in determining the correct size for your horse.

    Measure the size of your horse's FOREHEAD

    • Measure from the outer corner of one eye, UP AND ACROSS along your horse's forehead to the outer corner of the other eye. This will measure the widest part of your horse's forehead when done correctly.
    • NOTE: Do NOT measure straight across the eyes as the distance will result in a Fly Mask size likely too small for your horse.


    Multi-Purpose Helmet Sizing Guide