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NovaGuard Sizing Guide

Finding the correct size NovaGuard is as easy as 1  2  3!


  • Obtain your dog's current weight.



  • Use the Sizing Guide
    • Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. If the weight is on the line or overlaps, choose the SMALLER of the two. It is better for the NovaGuard to fit snugly on the head. Remember: Don't order too big as you "cannot size UP thinking you can then tighten DOWN"! 

NovaGuard Weight Requirement


When it comes to NovaGuards - "SIZE MATTERS! SO WEIGH TWICE - ORDER ONCE!"

  • A good fit is critical for the NovaGuard to function correctly and to give your dog (or cat) the best chance of accepting it.
  • We are happy to give advice regarding the determination of correct sizes. Please complete the NovaGuard Sizing Help Form to the right on this page and send us your breed information and recommended pictures so we can assist and/or provide suggestions regarding your order. Thank you.

Novaguard Recovery Collar Sizing Guide

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NovaGuard Recovery Collar


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