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OptiVizor - Short Snout Sizing Guide

Critical Optivizor Sizing information needed before ordering

OptiVizor UV Eye and Face Protection for Dogs and Cats

Proper Sizing and Fit of an OptiVizor is Critical.

OptiVizors come in 3 styles to fit all breeds. Common examples include:

  1. Regular Snout – (i.e. Labrador, German Shepherd, Dachshund, Yorkie)
  2. Short Snout – (i.e. Pugs, Shih Tzu, Boston Terriers)
  3. Long Snout – (i.e. Greyhounds, Whippets, Dobermans)


  • EXTRA FURY HEAD AND FACE: A dog might have a large amount of fur around their face and eyes (i.e. Bichon Frise). In these instances, they may fit better in our Short Snout style vs. Regular Snout even though the Bichon is a regular snout dog.
  • OVERWEIGHT / EXCESS SKIN: A dog either overweight or with large amounts of excess skin (neck rolls of a Basset Hound) may need one size up from what the sizing chart says. It might be best to order more than one size to achieve the best fit the 1st time.
  • VERY TINY DOGS: A very tiny dog (i.e. < 6lb. Chihuahua) which is a regular snout dog breed; most likely would need a smaller OptiVizor™ than we carry in a Regular Snout. Therefore, we often fit that tiny of a dog with one of our Short Snout OptiVizors that come in 3 smaller sizes than the Regular Snout version.
  • SHORT SNOUT DOGS: Such as Pugs French Bulldogs, Shih Tzu and Boston Terriers, most often (~65% of the time) fit best in a Regular Snout style vs. Short Snout due to their head/neck proportions. In these instances we recommend ordering both styles to help ensure you get the correct fit the first time. The OptiVizor™ needs fit your dog correctly or not at all.


  • ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL: We often recommend customers order more than one OptiVizor to get the correct fit the first time. This is especially true when your dog is close to or is in between sizes. This will save you money on shipping and prevent any lag time in getting the right one for your pet. You can return the new, unused OptiVizor(s) for a product refund within 14 days.
    • Specifically, customers with Short Snout breeds order multiple OptiVizors, most often 2 different sizes in both Regular and Short Snout styles because they are more challenging to fit.
  • PLAN FOR SUCCESS!: Preparing for scheduled eye surgery. Ideally, we recommend ordering the OptiVizor ahead of time to allow your dog time to get used it. When they do awake from surgery, they don’t think the OptiVizor is the cause of their eye discomfort as they have learned when they wear it they get praise and treats!


OptiVizor Short Snout Sizing Guide for Dogs and Cats


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