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Replacement Lens for eVysor - UV Horse Riding Goggles!

  • We Ship These Replacement Lenses WORLDWIDE!
  • Replacement Lenses are now available for your eVysor!
  • Do-It-Yourself Video (in the picture gallery to the left) guides you through the easy process of replacing the lens in your eVysor!
  • All Lenses offer 100% UV Protection. Available in Clear, Dark, Mirrored Blue and Mirrored Orange Tints. The finishes available are purely cosmetic and do not effect the technical function of the lenses.
    • Luminous Transmittance:
      • Clear Lens 98.08%
      • Mirrored Orange Lens 46.28%
      • Mirrored Blue Lens 42.63%
      • Dark Lens 10.45%
    • Our best recommendation is Dark Tint option if you horse suffers from Head-Shaking Syndrome.

    • Each order includes one pair of lenses - (left and right)
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