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eVysor - UV Horse Riding Goggles!

Lens Color
Mirrored Green
Mirrored Rainbow
Mirrored Blue
Mirrored Orange
Clear UV Tint
Dark UV Tint
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  • Offered in ONE Size with very easy to adjust straps to fit all horse-size horses. It will not fit very small ponies or very large drafts.
eVysor Replacement Lenses
  • The eVysor horse mask is recommended for a variety of reasons while riding to help prevent eye injuries including:
    • Protection From Harmful UV Sun Rays
    • Twigs, Branches, Pesky Flies and Gnats!
    • Wind, Sand, Dust, Debris and Snow Glare!
    • Light Sensitivity
    • Head-Shaking Syndrome (Recommend Dark Tint)
    • Uveitis
    • Eye Cancer
    • Cataracts
    • Limited Sight or Blindness
    • Trail / Endurance Riding
    • Jumping / Eventing
    • Racing
    • Polo
    • Skijoring
    • Barrel Racing
    • Cross-Country
    • Gymkhana
    • Cowboy Mounted Shooting
  • All Lenses offer 100% UV Protection. Available in Clear, Dark, Mirrored Blue , Mirrored Green, Mirrored Rainbow and Mirrored Orange Tints. The finishes available are purely cosmetic and do not effect the technical function of the lenses.
  • Luminous Transmittance:
    Clear Lens 98.08%
    Mirrored Orange Lens 46.28%
    Mirrored Blue Lens 42.63%
    Mirrored Green Lens 38.41%
    Mirrored Rainbow Lens 19.85%
    Dark Lens 10.45%
  • Designed for use during RIDING ONLY and when your horse is supervised. It is not recommended to use this product on a horse unattended due to the potential for it to cause an eye injury if a horse tries to rub their eyes (e.g. on a fence) or when they are tied to a post or trailer. Rubbing against objects will also cause the lenses to scratch.
  • The eVysor fits over the ears and clips under the jaw.
  • The straps are made from thick, comfortable elasticated material. This allows it to be easily placed on and off your horse's head over the bridle. It is made from a flexible but extremely strong plastic.
  • Stays put and in place very well during high energy type of activities like Riding and Jumping.
  • The eVysor does not need replacement clips.
  • We suggest that you consult your Vet if your horse suffers from any medical eye condition prior to use.

  • For Horses needing Medical Eye protection with or without Supervision whether in stall, riding or pasture, we recommend our Recovery Vizor available in 5 sizes and two UV tints. The Recovery Vizor is used by 19 University Veterinary Hospitals, including #1 ranked U.C. Davis.
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