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Recovery Vizor - Clear UV Tint

Recovery Vizor for Horses - UV Eye and Face Protection

  • Used by 17 University Veterinarian Hospitals including UC DAVIS – Voted #1 Veterinary School in the World!
  • After Eye Surgery, Eye Injury/Wounds, Uveitis, Corneal Ulcer, Eye Cancer, Cataracts, Photo-Sensitivity, Glaucoma, Habitual Eye Scratching, Head-shaking Syndrome, Blindness or Horse with Vision in Only One Eye.
  • Clear 92% UV Tint.
  • Made of Heavyweight PVC to Stand Up to Weather, Rubbing and Rolling!
  • Will Not Collapse onto the Eyes, Even While Rolling or Rubbing!
  • Makes Applying Eye Medication Easier and Faster!
  • Provides a Full Field of Vision and Stays Securely in Place!
  • Includes Matching Fly Mask Jacket to Wear Over the Recovery Vizor as Needed
  • Suitable for Use in Stall, Pasture or When Riding!
  • Superior Alternative to the Eye Saver™
  • Secured Using a Quick-Release Safety Clip System
  • Sherpa lining against the horse's face around the vizor helps to provide additional comfort.
  • Used While Trailering to Prevent Eye Injury from Wind, Dust and Debris
  • Used by Multi-State Mounted Police Units for Riot Protection
  • Looking for a Dark UV Tint Version? Click HERE.
  • NOTE: Before ordering the special sizes: Dwarf Foal, Dwarf and XX-Large, please email us with your horse's breed and size. This is needed before we will ship your Recovery Vizor order. Additionally, the XX-Large size typically fits horses 20H+. 

    • Ensuring your horse has the correct size of Recovery Vizor is KEY to getting the most benefits out of the product.

      Follow the guidelines below to help in determining the correct size for your horse.

      Measure your horse's FOREHEAD

      • Measure from the outer corner of one eye, UP AND ACROSS along your horse's forehead to the outer corner of the other eye. This will measure the widest part of your horse's forehead when done correctly.
      • NOTE: Do NOT measure straight across the eyes as the distance will result in a Recovery Vizor size likely too small for your horse.


      Recovery Vizor Sizing Guide 

      Looking for the Dark UV Tint Option - Click on the button below

      Recovery Vizor - Dark UV Tint

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