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eVysor UV Horse Riding Goggles

  • The eVysor offers a new, cutting edge way in providing maximum comfort and protection to your horses eyes while riding. While just a few decades ago horses didn't wear any eye protection, fly masks, blankets or get their teeth floated. But the fact is, we treat our horses differently these days. They're our companion, friend, riding buddy and family.
  • The eVysor offers superior UV protection from bright Sun Eye sensitivity and discomfort, Eye injury from Dust, Debris/ Branches and Wind while riding. All types of Protection can help your horse live a longer, more healthy and adventurous life.
  • All Lenses offer 100% UV Protection. Available in Clear, Dark, Mirrored Blue and Mirrored Orange Tints. The finishes available are purely cosmetic and do not effect the technical function of the lenses.
  • The eVysor horse mask is recommended for a variety of reasons while riding to help prevent eye injuries including:
    • Protection From Harmful UV Sun Rays
    • Twigs, Branches, Pesky Flies and Gnats!
    • Wind, Sand, Dust, Debris and Snow Glare!
    • Light Sensitivity
    • Head-Shaking Syndrome (Recommend Dark Tint)
    • Uveitis
    • Eye Cancer
    • Cataracts
    • Limited Sight or Blindness
    • Trail / Endurance Riding
    • Jumping / Eventing
    • Racing
    • Polo
    • Skijoring
    • Barrel Racing
    • Cross-Country
    • Gymkhana
    • Cowboy Mounted Shooting
  • Designed for use during RIDING ONLY and when your horse is supervised. It is not recommended to use this product on a horse unattended due to the potential for it to cause an eye injury if a horse tries to rub their eyes (e.g. on a fence) or when they are tied to a post or trailer. Rubbing against objects will also cause the lenses to scratch.
eVysor - UV Horse Riding Goggles!
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UV Horse Riding Goggles!
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