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EquiVizor Fly Mask - Standard

Size Guide

The Best UV Horse Fly Mask
Eye Protection On The Market!

  • Superior Triple-Dart Vizor Design keeps the mask UP and AWAY from your Horses’ Eyes and Face vs. other masks that lay flat against it. Horses accept it much better than traditional masks.
  • First of its kind quick-release safety breakaway clip system provides great size adjust-ability to customize the fit!
  • Highest 95% UV Eye Protection available!
  • The Vizor design prevents the mask from collapsing onto the eyes!
  • Ideal for Photosensitive horses, Aids in Sunburn and Cancer Prevention!
  • No need to buy 2 fly masks; Can easily be worn over bridle for riding!
  • Designed to stay ON your Horse and OFF the Ground!
  • Used and Recommended By the Nation's Leading Veterinarian Teaching Hospitals!
  • Take the “Houdini Horse” Challenge! Stop the fly mask disappearing act!
  • Whether your horse has it on 1 day to 6 months - the quick-release safety clips are designed to keep them safe (by releasing or if pulled hard enough to break) if they get themselves caught. Don't forget to order an extra quick-release clip with your fly mask order. Having extra on hand saves on shipping cost down the road. 
  • Answers to Common Questions Can be Found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page - Click HERE.
  • See the SIZING GUIDE and HELP FORMbelow to accurately measure your horse BEFORE ORDERING! (EquiVizor Fly Masks are NOT sized the same as typical fly masks!!)
    • Cost of Return Shipping is always the customer's responsibility when due to incorrect sizing!

      • EquiVizor Fly Masks come in 5 sizes from Mini to X-Large (Draft). Ensuring your horse has the correct size is KEY to getting the most benefits out of the product.

        Follow the guidelines below to help in determining the correct size for your horse.

        Measure the size of your horse's FOREHEAD

        • This is a combination of 3 Separate Measurements, not a single arc. Follow the steps below and use the picture as your guide:
          1. Measure from the outer corner of one eye, Up at a slight angle to middle of forehead...
          2. Then across the middle of your horse's forehead...
          3. Then straight Down at a slight angle to the outer corner of the other eye.
        • This will measure the widest part of your horse's forehead when done correctly. NOTE: Do NOT measure straight across the eyes as the distance will result in a EquiVizor Fly Mask size likely too small for your horse.


        EquiVizor Fly Mask Sizing Guide 


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