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Ticked OFF! World's Simplest Tick Remover

  • Ideally designed For: Children / Pets / Campers / Hikers / Fishermen / Hunters / Gardeners / Golfers / Utility Workers / Surveyors / Landscapers
  • No human contact with Ticks
  • Helps reduce risk of diseases
  • Physician and Veterinarian endorsed
  • Removes crawling or attached ticks
  • Independently University lab tested
  • Simple and Easy to use - No Guesswork!
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    • Proven Simplicity and Effectiveness!

      • TICKED OFF™ is a simple-to-use tool, proven to remove ticks safely from people and animals. Its non-intimidating and familiar "spoon-shaped" design is easy for anyone to hold and use.
      • TICKED OFF™ grabs the mouth parts at skin level and removes them completely, in one motion, without you touching the tick.
      • In independent lab tests at Ohio State University, leading tick researchers tested TICKED OFF™ alongside three other tick removal devices and tweezers, and found TICKED OFF™ to be 'far superior'.
      • The US Military has also tested TICKED OFF™ with like results (Knipling-Bushland US Livestock Insects Research Laboratory, Kerrville, TX; and Brooks AFB - Chad P. McHugh, MPH, PhD).
      • Medical doctors were so impressed with TICKED OFF™ that they featured it in a medical textbook - CLINICAL DERMATOLOGY: A Color Guide to Diagnosis and Therapy, 1996, 3rd edition by Thomas P. Habif, MD.
      • TICKED OFF™ is used by hospitals, schools, day cares, veterinarians, kennels, groomers, forestry, highway and utility workers, hikers, etc... and thousands of pet owners.