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Multipurpose Helmets

Here Are The Common Problems...

  • Horses that are coming out of anesthesia have a great risk of injury due to either thrashing about or falling.
  • Horses that are being trailered run increased risk of injuries to their entire head, face and eyes.
  • Blind horses are at increased risk of painful head bumps, wounds and possible facial fractures.

Here Is The Solution!


Waking Up / Trailering Without the Risk

  • Maximum protection around the eyes, face, cheeks and poll region.
  • Amazing lightweight at less than 2.3 pounds.
  • Constructed of 20mm thick EVA foundation buffered to 40mm only in the areas needing the most impact absorbing protection.
  • Heavy duty halter ensures a tight fit.
  • Includes a fitted zippered UV proof fly mask jacket that can be easily removed.


NOTE: Shipping time might be extended for this product based on the size and quantity ordered. Should you have questions prior to placing your order, please send us an email, or call us during normal business hours.

EquiVizor Multi-Purpose Helmet
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