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Solar Vizor

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Ideal Fly Mask For Horses!
100% UV Eye Protection!

        • For the Most Discerning Horse Owner Who Wants the Very Best!
        • High End, Durable and Completely Innovative Design Providing the Highest 100% UV Eye Protection!
        • Veterinarian Ophthalmologist Used and Recommended!
        • Unique Wraparound Band design keeps the Solar Vizor Fly Mask an increased distance UP and AWAY from your Horses’ Eyes and Face vs. other masks that lay flat against it. Horses accept it much better than traditional fly masks.
        • Solid Durable EVA Lining across the top half of the Solar Vizor for complete sunlight block for Superior UV Eye Protection!
        • Safety breakaway Quick-Release clip system provides great size adjust-ability to customize the fit!
        • Will not collapse on the horse's eyes, even while rolling!
        • MEDICAL PROTECTION BENEFITS for horses with Uveitis (AKA Moon Blindness), Corneal Ulcers, Photo-Sensitivity, Eye Injuries, Head-Shaking Syndrome, Cataracts or Blindness
        • Aids in Sunburn and Cancer Prevention!
        • Excellent Protection from Flies, Insects and Harmful UV Rays!
        • Designed to say ON your Horse and OFF the Ground!
        • Can be worn over the bridle while riding!
        • Whether your horse has it on 1 day or 6 months - the quick-release safety clips are designed to keep them safe (by breaking) if they get themselves caught. Don't forget to order an extra quick-release clip with your Solar Vizor order. Having extra on hand saves on shipping cost down the road. 

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