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EquiVizor Polo Vizor

Performance Enhancement Through Superior Eye Protection!

  • Superior protection to compete at any level!
  • Designed around Safety, Functionality and Aesthetics!
  • 92% UV Eye Protection!
  • The Vizor design prevents the mask from collapsing onto the eyes!
  • Total Unobstructed field of vision for the horse!
  • Excellent cooling airflow through the vizor!
  • Extended Size adjust-ability through quick release clips and Velcro fasteners

    • Whether during training, racing, or tournaments, there is always a danger of the horse facing injury to their eyes. Dust and dirt could result in eye irritation; lack of concentration which could translate in a less than optimal performance. Additionally, eye infections and other related injuries may certainly arise. Similarly, imagine the concerns when you combine an 850 to 1,500 pound animal, a mallet, a whip and a leather ball all colliding in the same corner of an arena...

      It is time for the horse to now receive the superior protection it needs to compete while remaining safe. The EquiVizor™ Polo Vizor is designed to provide a totally new & innovative type of protection designed around Safety, Functionality and Aesthetics. The vizor is constructed of soft clear PVC that provides a total unobstructed field of vision for the horse. It has a number of openings to ensure the horse receives excellent cooling airflow through the vizor. Additionally, the exceptional design is such that it is almost impossible to collapse onto itself.. there is extended size adjust-ability through a series of quick release clips and Velcro fasteners.



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