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EquiVizor UV Fly Mask - Standard - Original Version


Take advantage of these deep discounts on the final few of the Original version of the EquiVizor fly mask. Still Giving you industry leading features and benefits:

  • Superior Triple-Dart Vizor Design keeps the mask UP and AWAY from their Eyes and Face vs. other masks that lay flat against it.
  • Highest 95% UV Eye Protection available!
  • Industry 1st Safety Breakaway Quick-Release Clips!
  • Horses accept wearing the Equivizor much better than traditional fly masks!
  • Ideal for Photosensitive horses, Aids in Sunburn and Cancer Prevention!

TAKE THE "HORSE HOUDINI" CHALLENGE! Stop their fly mask disappearing act! A superior patent pending unique design of 3 strategically located darts across the forehead creates a “Vizor” made from a soft UV proof EVA lining and a UV proof PVC mesh. It lifts & extends the mask up and prevents it from collapsing on the eyes. This combined use of EVA lining & PVC mesh not only helps avoid eye injuries but also increases the overall UV protection to 95%. The combined use of these two materials also insulates the forehead from the heat of the sun and increases shade and ventilation to the eyes. A first of its kind Safety Quick Release Clip System features two adjustable straps (one over the poll behind the ears and one under the throat) along with a Velcro strap under the chin. This not only creates greater size adjust-ability to help fit your horse better, but also helps to prevent your horse from removing their mask. Please note that Protective Pet Solutions shall not be held liable for any injury to an animal sustained as a result of the proper and reasonable use of our products.

Due to the deep discount of this version, all sales are final. 



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